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MB DNA Analysis 6.84 for Windows (changelog)

Installer (.exe) (size: 3.0 MB)

Archive (.zip) (size: 3.3 MB)

Instructions on how to run MB on other systems:

Download program files for Windows in zip-format,
then read the file with instructions.

Use VirtualPC or SoftWindows on Mac to run MB.
!More information will be posted here soon!


Online Help (various formats) (.pdf already included in the packages above)

Useful Software:

Archiver: 7-Zip
PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader
PostScript Reader: GhostView

Previous versions:

MB DNA Analysis v6.83 (with repman 0.9) for Windows: Archive (.zip)
MB DNA Analysis v6.82 for Windows: Archive (.zip)
MB DNA Analysis v6.81 for Windows: Archive (.zip)
MB DNA Analysis v6.80 for Windows: Archive (.zip)
MB DNA Analysis v6.72 for Windows: Archive (.zip)

Please note: these are previous versions of MB. They are "out-of-date" and may contain some bugs or some features may not be fully functional. There will be also no technical support for older versions.
So use it at our own risk!
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