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MB Screenshots

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Program's Control Panel

You can manage your analysis from this panel

Restriction analysis

You can easily analyze huge DNA sequences and create vector or linear DNA maps
Your reports can be exported to Excel or HTML
See example of html report created by MB
You can also adjust which parts of your report should be saved to the file.
Plasmid map Linear DNA map Restriction map
Report file An extra window contains explanations to the DNA map

Amino acid analysis

It is possible to display an amino acid sequence and to make a prediction
of protein structure for small peptids.
You can also extract the DNA sequence of any ORF which was found.
Report file Translation for the detected ORFs 3D structure estimation

Sequence alignment

Multiple sequence alignment uses method of hierarchical clustering
Multiple Sequence Alignment Phylogenetic Tree


Dotplot has two available algorithms: windows/stringency
parameters and minimal length of an alignment
Dotplot Graph

Primer design tool

With this utility you can design primers for PCR

Alpha-Helix analysis tool

With this plugin it is possible to analyze alpha helices
MB can draw the helix The program can plot the hydrophobicity graph too

Open reading frames search

Searches for sense/antisense frames with different lengths

Extra features

Other features which are included in the latest version
Isoelectric point calculation Mol. weight calculation for DNA Amino acids visualization
Web browser "Read Aloud"-feature Automatic update feature

Options and databases

The latest version provides easily-to-manage restriction database (latest version from REBASE) with ability to create your own restriction profiles
It is possible to select from 4 different groups of enzymes: 4-cutters, 6-cutters, 6-cutters with precise sequence, 8+ -cutters
DNA/amino acids database was also improved. You can open and edit the sequences by clicking "Open sequence"-button
Sequence editor features run-time translation into three frames and ability
to select and clone peptides/corresponding DNA sequence
Options window Restriction database manager DNA and amino seq database
Sequence editor
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