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User Comments on MB DNA Analysis

"Thanks for developing such a useful freeware"

- Chaitanya Joshi, Dr.

"This is really a good software for students like me"

- Arun Kumar

"... Thanks for developing a free program"

- Veerle Kempeneers, Ph.D.

"Keep up the good work!"

- Boyang Zhao

"Thank you"

- Mei Xu

"Good work guys"

- Yunus Shukor, Ph.D.

"Very nice work gentlemen. I've been using arguslab as molecular builder and needed DNA sequencing software for a while, this seems like the perfect program."

- Brett Zakeosian

"I think its a very compact and precisely made program ... Thanks for such a wonderful software!!"

- Kayzad Nilgiriwala, Dr.

"Keep up the good work and improve the program in par with other commercial tools."

- Kalyan Chakravarthy, MSc.

"This is very useful sofware ..."

- Hamid Fauzi, Dr.

"Thank You"

- CS Anderson

"Thank you for providing this program ..."

- Qinchuan Wang

"Very nice of you to allow the scientific community to use this excellent program for free"

- Claudia Tortiglione, Dr.

"... Thanks for your program!"

- Robert O'Hagan, Dr.

I am an undergraduate using the program, and I have seen other free programs that do not have nearly the functionality of MB. Thanks for a great free program!

- Spencer Diamond

Really nice program ...

- Duleep Samuel, Dr.

Excellent program. It is very effective and is the only one I have found that will easily handle sequences for 100kb+ BAC plasmids

- Jason Buhrman

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